Barriers Of Communication

Barriers are any types of hurdles , bottlenecks in the
way of communication such as: Language Barriers OR Sematic Barriers
 Physical Barriers
 Organizational Barriers
 Status
 Lack Of Attention
 Premature Evaluation
 Poor Retention
 Distrust
 Wrong Choice Of Medium
 Others Barriers
Language Barriers/ Semantic
 These barriers are due to meaning of words, language,
symbol, etc . The same word or symbol has different
meaning, receiver may interpret it differently due to
his own assumptions and there may be a case of faulty
Physical Barriers
 These are due to distance between the sender and
receiver . For instance a faulty telephone line may
create noise in the communication process.
Organizational Barriers
 Communication is hampered, if the policy of an
organization does not support the free flow of
communication. When there are several managerial
levels, communication gets delayed and distorted.
 A status of a conscious manager may not allow his
subordinates to express their feelings freely .
Subordinates at lower levels may hesitate to speak
freely to high level managers.
Lack Of Attention
 When the receiver’s mind is preoccupied, he fails to
listen to what is being said. For example, a worker
explains some problems to his supervisor. The
supervisor is preoccupied with telephone call and does
not grasp the message.
Premature Evaluation
 Communication is likely to fail if the receiver evaluates
the meaning of message before the sender completes
the message. Such premature evaluation may occur
due to pre-conceived notions or prejudice against the
Poor Retention
 The receiver, who cannot retain the information for a
long time may fail to understand it. Poor retention
may be due to lack of interest.
 When the sender and the receiver do not believe each
other, the message may not be understood in its
original sense.
Wrong Choice Of Medium
 When a suitable medium is not used for
communication, it may not be effective.
Other Barriers
 Other reasons like distance, shortage of time, fear to
challenge the superiors, lack of confidence in
subordinates, etc may disrupt communication.