Muscular System Notes

 The
muscular system
consists of the
body’s MUSCLES .
The muscular system
works closely with
system to allow the
body to move. Other
jobs of the muscular
system include
keeping the body
warm and providing
it with shape.
There are 3 types
of muscle tissue:
1. Skeletal muscle is the type of muscle tissue that
connects to the BONES. Most skeletal muscles are
under VOLUNTARY control, which means you make
a conscious decision to use these muscle, like when
you pick up your pencil or throw a ball. Skeletal
muscles look striped because they have bands
2. Smooth muscle is a type of muscle that is
not under conscious control, also called
INVOLUNTARY control. The stomach and
walls of veins are examples of smooth
3. Cardiac muscle makes up the HEART
and is the only kind of muscle found there.
Cardiac muscles are STRIATED like
skeletal muscles. They are also not under
voluntary control, like skeletal muscles.
Skeletal muscles are attached to bones of the skeleton by
strips of connective tissues called TENDONS. Muscles
are attached to bones in opposing pairs. This means that
when one muscle contracts (tightens) and it pulls the
bone in one direction, the paired muscle RELAXES. When
the bone needs to go back to its original position, the
second muscle CONTRACTS pulling the bone in the
opposite direction while the other muscle relaxes.