File - Mr. Van Horne

Introduction to the Study of Population
“Making Connections – Chapter 16”
Complete the following by using the course text “Making Connections: Chapter 16” Pg. 185.
1. Define the “KEY TERMS” on Pg. 186
2. What are the 2 main factors that determine the growth or decline in a countries population?
3. a) What is the rule of 70?
b) Why is the rule of 70 useful?
c) How long would it take a population to double with each of the following growth rates?
i) 0.5%
ii) 1.0%
iii) 1.5%
iv) 2.0%
v) 3.0%
d) Does the rule of 70 apply for countries with a negative population growth rate? Explain your
answer using Russia’s population growth rate of -0.4%.
3. Describe the characteristics associated with having a high dependency load? A low dependency load?
4. Why would “dependency load” be a useful concept for:
a) A government planner
b) The president of a major bank
5. What role does immigration play in Canada’s population? How does this compare to most of the
other countries in the world?
6. Consider the ages used in determining the dependency load. For a developed country like Canada, do
they accurately describe the dependent population? Why or why not?
7. What is meant by the term “Baby Boomers” and what impact did they have, and continue to have on
Canada’s population?
8. List and describe the 4 stages of population change.
9. Complete the activity on Pg. 192 (box) that looks at Canada’s population in 2020.