The Compromise of 1850

American Nation
16-2 Section Questions
Name ____________________________
The Compromise of 1850
Setting the Scene (page 463)
1. Why is there a gun in the United States Senate?
The Slavery Debate Erupts Again (page 463)
2. In 1849, there were _ _ free and _ _slave states in the Union. California wanted to enter the union as a _______
state. This was a problem because ___________________________________________________. Plus, it looked
like _______________, ___________, and _______ ________________ might also join as _____________ states.
3. a. What were southerners afraid of?
b. What did some southerners suggest they might do?
4. Henry Clay won the nickname “_____ __________ _________________” for ______________________________
_____________________________. If they could not agree, what did Clay warn would happen?
5. __________________ ___. __________________ responded to Henry Clay. He refused to Compromise …
A. Calhoun insisted slavery be allowed in the _____________________________________.
B. Calhoun demanded fugitive, or runaway, slaves be____________________________________________.
C. Calhoun said, if the North rejected the South’s demands, “Let the states …_______________________”.
6. What did Calhoun tell the Senate the South would do if they were not willing “to part in peace”? (You have to
infer what he means)
7. _________________ _____________________ is the next to speak in the Senate after Clay and Calhoun. He
supported ________________. He believed that slavery was ______________, but he felt the
__________________________________________ would be worse so he was willing to ____________________
8. From the quote on page 464, what seems to be a reason Webster wants to save the Union?
Compromise of 1850 (page 465)
9. Describe the five parts of the Compromise of 1850. In the corner of each block circle N if the part would please
the North or S if it would please the South. (hint: look at the graphic organizer on page 465.)
Compromise of 1850
Fugitive Slave Act
10. The Fugitive Slave Act/Law of 1850 required all citizens to __________________________________________.
The punishment for disobeying the new Fugitive Slave Act was ____________________ or __________________.
11. Describe two details of the special courts set up by the Fugitive Slave Act.
12. a. What was the Northern reaction to the Act?
b. What was the Southern reaction?
Uncle Tom’s Cabin: An Antislavery Bestseller (page 466)
13. _________________________________ wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin in 1852. She wrote the novel to show
__________________________ and the injustices of _______________________________________. Uncle Tom’s
Cabin was a story about ________________________________________________________________________
14. Uncle Tom’s Cabin sold out of the first printing in ___ days. It was widely supported by _____________________.
The book went on to sell _________________ copies and was ____________________________________________.
Nationwide Reaction (page 466)
15. a. What was the Northern reaction to the book?
b. What was the Southern reaction to the book?
16. When Abraham Lincoln met Harriet Beecher Stowe during the Civil War, he said, “So, this is the little lady who
caused this great war. “ How could Uncle Tom’s Cabin, a book, be considered a cause of the Civil War?