Food and Beverage: Industry Challenges

Food and Beverage: Industry Challenges
Fewer but larger customers
Increasing costs (labeling, raw materials)
Tightened supplies
A shift in consumer diet demands and product
• Customer mandates
• Food safety compliance
Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV Can Help
• Fuel productivity with streamlined operations
• Respond quickly to new opportunities
• Build and strengthen relationships with new and
existing retailers and suppliers
• Expand your offering of products and services
Fuel Productivity
Store data in a centralized database
Find product details fast
Respond quickly with precise information
Increase inventory accuracy
Track and monitor mission-critical events
Use familiar Microsoft® software
Respond Quickly to New Opportunities
• Simplify information access and reporting
• Analyze the data you want, the way you want
• Transform raw data into decision-driving
– Attribute characteristics to the information you record in
your daily work
– Set up dimension value hierarchies and defaults
– Gain analytical flexibility with SIFT
• Analyze individual or consolidated data on your
business contacts
• Plan effective marketing campaigns
Strengthen Relationships
• Personalize customer relationships
• Speak your customers’ and suppliers’
• Respond quickly to customer queries
• Pinpoint service needs quickly
• Make satisfactory item substitutions for outof-stock inventory
• Increase trust in your brand by proactively
communicating with customers and partners
Partner to Build Success
• Team up with a strong IT partner with industry
• Implement a tailored solution
• Enjoy tools and support to build success
Microsoft Certified
Business Solutions
Vertical solution