Lab Safety Rule #3

1. Find 5 mistakes in the picture with your table partner.
2. Write a lab rule that would help prevent it.
Ex) #9 Drinking from a beaker
Lab Safety Rule
No eating or drinking in lab
Why is Lab Safety
Lab safety rules and
symbols are needed so
students do not injure
themselves or their
Lab Safety Rule #1
Always follow the
teacher’s directions
and only do lab work
when a teacher is
Lab Safety Rule #2
Act responsibly.
No horseplay!
Lab Safety Rule #3
Do not touch any
equipment or materials
until told to do so.
Lab Safety Rule #4
Do not eat, drink, or chew gum in the lab.
Lab Safety Rule #5
Report ALL accidents
to your teacher
immediately (even if
you think it is minor).
Do NOT Wear:
• Sandals
• Jewelry
• Loose or Baggy
Lab Safety Equipment Demo
Safety Shower
Eye Wash
Safety Goggles
Lab Safety Equipment Demo
Fire Blanket
Waste Disposal
• Ask your teacher where/how to
dispose of waste.
• Never pour anything down the drain
unless you are told to do so.
Reasons for proper waste
• Hazardous chemicals down the drain can
lead to pollution of ground water, lakes,
rivers, etc.
• Plants and animals will die if they are
exposed to hazardous chemical waste.
• Serious health problems will become present
in people if hazardous waste finds its way into
drinking water.
I understand that I will be removed from the science
activity area by the teacher if:
My personal appearance or dress is such that I
can cause injury to myself or other students
I am behaving in such a manner that I cause injury
to myself or other students
I am not following the safety rules
I am going beyond the limits of the science
activity into areas that may lead to an unsafe
I have not completed the pre-experiment activities
that will allow me to work safely in the laboratory
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