Health and Safety Committee Meeting Tuesday 18 March 2014

Health and Safety Committee Meeting
Tuesday 18th March 2014
Chair: Roger Buckle [RB]
Minutes: Rachel Harrington [RH]
Committee: Robin Ball [HoD], Julie Brannon [JB], Bob Bridgland [BB], Sue Burrows [SB], Mark
Hadley [MJH], David Walker [DW], Steve York [SY]
Apologies: Jeanette Chattaway [JC] Bob Day [RD], Jon Duffy [JD], Robert Johnston [RJ], Mohammed
Saghir [MS]
1. Minutes of the meeting of 10th December 2013
The minutes from the last meeting were approved
2. Issues not on agenda
2.1 Lab management training
JB and RB confirmed that Physics were not going ahead with the half day lab management training
offered by an external company. It was felt the course was not appropriate for Physics and was not
engaging enough. Going forward, JB and RB will use elements of the training to develop a half day
programme aimed at Physics lab managers. This will provisionally take place the week commencing
the 9th June.
2.2 Lab inspection information and data sheets
Lab inspection information will be circulated to lab heads (who regularly use the lab). This
comprises a tick sheet for checking fume cupboards, cylinders and machinery etc. and contains an
action plan to take action if necessary, which will be useful for auditing purposes. The electronic
inspection system is being done faculty wide (including in Chemistry).
All labs will be issued with a data sheet which indicates who will be responsible for what area in
each lab.
3. Matters arising
3.1 Hazardous materials
Orders for hazardous materials are being flagged up more efficiently in Opera. Duncan is filtering
most orders through to RB.
Action – RB noted that someone will need to take over the role of top tier approval for hazardous
materials when he retires.
3.2 Lab coats – PPE
The issue of technicians not wearing lab coats in the workshop was discussed.
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Action – BB will talk to technical staff to emphasise the importance of wearing lab coats
3.3 Oxygen in MAS
A small gas cylinder in Marco Polin’s lab has been approved.
4. Chair’s business
4.1 Accidents
Three incidents were reported, including a fall in MAS. Accidents/incidents will now be reported faculty wide
to identify any common themes across the science faculty.
4.2 Disposal of HF
To decommission the fume hoods in p1.27 it was necessary to remove a significant quantity of conc. HF in
the HF hood to waste disposal. This was achieved over a period of a couple weeks by addition of Calcium
Carbonate to effectively neutralise the liquid and produce a safe insoluble salt for disposal. The procedure
follows the agreed method.
5. Specialist areas
5.1 Chemicals
New chemical regulations are available.
Action - SB to forward these to the committee
5.2 Radiation
Nothing to report
5.3 Lasers
Nothing to report
5.4 Safety office
Nothing to report
6. AOB
Nothing to report
The next meeting is on Tuesday 1st July, 10-11am in MAS 2.06
Signed ___________________________________________________________
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Roger Buckle, DHSA