vocabulary List #2

Vocabulary List #2
1. rational numbers
2. integer
3. additive inverse
4. multiplicative inverse
5. associative property
6. commutative property
7. distributive property
8. coefficient
9. constant
10. variable
11. autocracy
12. oligarchy
13. democracy
14. unitary
15. federal
Vocabulary Homework Choice Board
1. Write the definition of each word. 2. Use each word in a meaningful
3. Tuesday and 4. Wednesday
Each night, choose one activity from below. You must complete different
activities each night. You will choose a total of 2 assignments from the chart.
Make sure that the assignment is appropriate for your words this week.
Write a short story using all of the
vocabulary words.
Find a synonym and antonym for
each of your vocabulary words.
Write the vocabulary words and
definitions on flashcards. Use to the
cards to study.
Draw and color pictures that
represent the meaning of the
vocabulary words.
Write a song or rap using all of the
words. Make sure the song/rap
includes the meaning of all the words.
Be prepared to share with the class.
Create a game using all of your
vocabulary words. Make sure the
game can be played by other
Use each vocabulary word in a new
Cut pictures or words from old
magazines or newspapers that
represent the meaning of each word.
Thursday-Study your words with an adult. 