Grade 11 College Biology Unit Test Review

Grade 11 College Biology:
Review for Animal Systems Unit Test
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Students are to use the following questions to create a resource sheet to use for the unit test.
1. What are the 4 major nutrients and their functions?
2. What is the function of enzymes in the digestive system? Be able to briefly describe how
enzymes work.
3. Label a diagram of the human digestive system.
4. Describe the 4 stages of digestion.
5. What are the functions of the liver?
6. Explain digestion in the stomach including the functions of hydrochloric acid, mucous and
7. Describe the function of both the small and large intestine.
8. What is bile? How does it work in the digestion of fats?
9. What are 2 functions of the pancreas?
10. What is homeostasis? How does the regulation of blood sugar work?
11. What is peristalsis? Why is it important?
12. Label a diagram of the human respiratory system.
13. Describe the importance of the epiglottis.
14. What are the steps involved in inhalation & exhalation (diaphragm, intercostal muscles, air
15. What are the components of blood? What is the function of each?
16. Label a diagram of the heart and show the path of blood flow through the heart.
17. What causes heart sounds? What is blood pressure? Systolic? Diastolic? Hypertension?
18. Compare the different blood vessels – arteries, veins, capillaries.
19. Label a neuron & describe the functions of the various parts.
20. Compare the human and avian (bird) skeleton.