Enzymes Digestion Review Sheet

Review Sheet for Test on Enzymes, Digestion, and Nutrition
1. Nutrition
a. Autotrophic vs. heterotrophic
b. types of heterotrophic nutrition
c. human nutrition
i. 6 types of nutrients and info about each
1. Protein
2. Carbs
3. Fats
4. Water
5. Minerals
6. Vitamins
2. Digestion
a. Stages of food processing
b. Mechanical digestion
c. Chemical digestion
d. The digestive tract
i. Know each organ and what it does
e. Importance of bacteria
3. Enzymes
a. What they are made of
b. What they do lower activation energy required for reaction
c. enzyme-substrate complex
d. lock and key theory
e. factors influencing rate of enzyme reaction
f. experiments involving enzymes