1. For the food web, label each organism: (Some may have more


Food Web Labeling

1. For the food web, label each organism: (Some may have more than one label)

P = producer | 1 = Primary Consumer | 2= Secondary Consumer | 3 = Tertiary

Consumer | | 4 = Quaternary Consumer

2. Now label each animal as either a : H = herbivore C = carnivore O = omnivore

3. Choose a Biome and create your own food web on the back of this paper. You do not need to draw pictures, you may just write words. Your food web must include a minimum of 10 organisms and EVERY trophic level.

4. When you are finished creating your food web, trade with someone near you.

Analyze their food web and answer the questions on the screen.

Food Web Analysis Questions

1. List one food chain in the food web.

2. What is the producer in the food web?

3. List all of the primary consumers in the food web.

4. List all of the secondary consumers in the food web.

5. List all of the tertiary consumers in the food web.

6. List all of the quaternary consumers in the food web.

7. How would the populations of all the other trophic levels in your food web be affected if the primary consumers were to die out?

8. What biome might this food web be found in?

9. What are 3 abiotic factors that might affect this food web?

10. If the producer has 8,675,309 calories of energy, how many calories will the quaternary consumer receive?

Label the following natural disasters as Primary Succession or Secondary Succession.

11. Forest fire:

12. Volcano:

13. A new island formed

from underwater volcanic activity:

14. Tsunamis:

15. Vacant concrete parking lot: