The Road to Revolution:
Liberty! The American Revolution
Chapter 6 (Section 1)
The Road to the Revolution Essential Question:
Navigation Acts:
a. The Navigation Acts of 1660 and 1696 restricted ___________ trade in the following ways
i. Only _____________ ships could transport imported and exported goods from the __________.
ii. The only people who were allowed to trade with the colonies had to be ____________ citizens.
iii. Commodities such as ___________, __________, and _________ ________ (which were produced in the
colonies) could be exported only to British ports.
French and Indian War (1753-1763):
a. ___________ helped colonists defeat the French in War
b. Britain needed ______________ to pay for war expenses
c. To raise money, they ____________ the colonists, restricted where they could build _______________ and limited
Writs of Assistance (1764):
a. Legal ____________ allowing _____________ officers to search for smuggled goods without ___________
b. Created to monitor colonial ______________ and prevent evasion of the _____________________ Acts.
c. The colonists became ______________
d. England saw the colonies as a source of ______________ revenue
e. A synonym for “Revenue” is: _______________
Sugar Act and Stamp Act:
a. The British __________colonists on many of the __________ coming into the colonies from other places
b. Sugar Act of __________
i. Stop _______________ smuggling between the colonies and the French West Indies
ii. Lowered taxes on imported molasses
iii. Set-up courts where accused smugglers were tried by a ___________ judge and not a __________
c. Stamp Act of 1765
i. Placed a tax on almost all ___________ materials - ________________________
ii. Taxed the colonists directly
iii. Passed by Parliament without colonial ___________ or _____________
iv. Rally cry: “________________________________________________________”
a. Patrick Henry
i. Vocal _____________ advocating colonial rights
ii. Believed only the ______________ had the right to tax the colonists
iii. Gave many ____________ stating his views
b. Sons of Liberty
i. Organized in Boston by _______________ ______________
ii. Protested by burning _________________
iii. Raided and destroyed homes of _______________ officials
iv. Spread _________________
v. Organized ___________________