Innovative Management for a Changing World

Management for a
Changing World
Describe the 4 management functions and the type of
management activity associated with each.
Explain the difference between efficiency and effectiveness
and their importance for organizational performance.
Describe conceptual, human, and technical skills and their
relevance for managers.
What Do
The attainment of organizational goals in an effective and
efficient manner through planning, organizing, leading, and
controlling organizational resources
The Four Management
Planning – identifying
goals for future organizational
performance and deciding on
the tasks and use of resources
needed to attain them
The Four Management
Organizing – assigning
tasks, grouping tasks into
departments, delegating authority, and allocating resources
across the organization
The Four Management
Leading – using influence to motivate employees to achieve
organizational goals
The Four Management
Controlling – monitoring
employees’ activities,
determining whether the
organization is on target
toward its goals, and making
corrections as necessary
Organizational Performance
Organization – a social entity that is goal directed and
deliberately structured
Organizational Performance
Effectiveness – the degree to which the organization
achieves a stated goal or succeeds at accomplishing what it tries
to do
Organizational Performance
Efficiency – the amount of resources used to achieve an
organizational goal
Management Skills
Conceptual Skill – the cognitive ability to see the
organization as a whole system and the relationships among its
Management Skills
Human Skill – the ability to work through other people and
to work effectively as a group member.
Management Skills
Technical Skill – the understanding of and proficiency in
the performance of specific tasks.