India - bluewiki

By Harsh Parekh
Geographic Features
Rann of Kachchh- Salty marsh region in the
Northern part of the state of Gujarat.
Bay of Bengal- The largest bay in the world
forming the North East part of the Indian Ocean.
 Mt.Girnar- A collection of mountains in the
Junagadh district of Gujarat.
 Ganges River- One of the major rivers in India.
Famous Indians
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi- Known as Father
of Nation, played a key role in winning freedom
for India.
 Muhammad Ali Jinnah- Founder of Pakistan.
Shah Jahan- Second to last Mughal ruler of India.
Creator of the Taj Mahal and Red Fort.
Indira Gahdhi- First female Prime Minister of
Major Events in India’s History
April 13, 1919-Jallianwala Bagh massacre- 50
British soliders open fire on unarmed Indians.
Approx. 1500 casualties.
August 14, 1947- India and Pakistan become
separate nations.
August 15, 1947- Indian Independence- British
rule ends in India and officially becomes the
Republic of India.
Hinduism- 80.5%
Islam- 13.4%
Christianity- 2.3%
Sikhism- 1.9%
Buddhism- 0.8
Jainism- 0.4
Bahai- 0.18
Other- 0.32
Political Leaders
• The current president of India is Pratibha
Patil, she is India’s first female President.
Her Vice President is Mohammad Hamid
Ansari. The current Prime Minister of is
Manmohan Singh.
Indian Holidays
• Diwali, the festival of lights, is a very
famous holiday in India. It’s celebrated by
Hindus and Jains. It marks when Lord
Rama slays the demon Ravana. During
diwali people light small clay lamps called
divas to show the victory of good (light)
over evil (darkness).
Indian Food
In Northern India people eat naan and jalebi.
In Southern India people eat dosa and sambar.
In East India people eat rasgulla and kheer.
In West India people eat roti(chapatti, flat bread)
and dal (lentil soup).
• Indians also eat a variety of spices. Like saffron
and turmeric. Often used to make masala(curry).
The Indian Flag
• Three stripes: Orange
on top representing
courage and faith.
White in the middle
meaning purity and
truth. Green on the
bottom standing for
faith. A blue 24
spoked wheel in the
middle meaning the
endless cycle of life.