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Election of 1800:
 Jefferson (Democratic-Rep.) v. John Adams
Why is it called a “revolution?”
 Peaceful transition of power from the Federalists
to the Democratic-Republicans
 First time there was a change in political parties
Was this “revolution” really a revolution?
 Let’s find out……
Biggest economic issue between Federalists and
 Hamilton’s Financial Plan
Hamilton’s Financial Plan:
Excise Tax
Assumption and funding at par
Which did Jefferson get rid of?
 Only the excise tax
Was there a drastic economic change during Jefferson’s
 For the most part, NO.
 Embargos were instituted
Federalists (Hamilton and Adams) traditionally
supported the British
 Democratic-Republicans (Jeffersonians) traditionally
supported the French
 XYZ Affair and Quasi-War left US-French relations
 Did Jefferson stay “Pro-French?”
 Embargo Act of 1807 ended all trade with foreign
 Favored neither the French or British
Was there a drastic foreign policy change?
 No!
 Avoided “entangled alliances”
Judiciary Act of 1801:
 Last-ditch effort to appoint Federalist judges
 “Midnight Judges”
Marbury v. Madison (1803)
 Jefferson sought to refuse appointment of Marbury
“Midnight Judge”
 Supreme Court declared a federal law
unconstitutional for the first time
Was this “revolutionary?”
 Yes!
 Judicial Branch becomes more powerful
Loose Interpretation (Federalists):
 The Constitution would be broadly interpreted
Strict Interpretation (Jeffersonians):
 Unless it’s mentioned in the Constitution, it could
not be done (Example: BUS)
Did Jefferson stay true to strict
 NO!
 He favored a loose interpretation for the LA
To what extent was the election of 1800 aptly
named the “Revolution of 1800?” Respond with
references to TWO of the following areas:
Foreign Policy
(2004 Form B)
Was it aptly named?
 In some cases, yes, in some cases, no
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