George Washington

George Washington
Before he was President:
• He was a military hero during the
American Revolution.
• He was the leader of the
Constitutional Convention.
–Sided with the Federalists in the
ratification process.
Presidential Firsts:
• Unanimously elected by the Electoral
• Created an advisory body called the
cabinet- every President since has
had one.
• Established a two-term precedent
(no other president attempted a
third until Roosevelt).
Key People:
• Vice President: John Adams: trusted
by Washington, would become the
2 president.
• Secretary of State: Thomas Jefferson:
responsible for establishing
relationships with Great Britain and
France, helped Washington prioritize
domestic legislation, supported AntiFederalist beliefs.
• Secretary of the Treasury: Alexander
Hamilton: shared Federalists beliefs,
developed an economic plan that
saved the nation from financial ruin,
established the US National Bank.
Notable Accomplishments:
• Federal Judiciary Act:1798- created
the various courts of the federal
court system (remember, only the
court created by the Constitution was
the Supreme Court).
• Whisky Rebellion: an excise tax was
placed on whiskey, which upset
Pennsylvania farmers. They protested
against the tax and even attacked
customs agents. Washington sent in
the US Military to squash the
–The power of the federal government
was tested and proven to be
Foreign Policy:
• Encouraged international trade with
all nations.
• Proclamation of Neutrality: Would
not choose sides between England &
France (they were at war with each
• Jay’s Treaty: agreement with Great Britain
in which the British troops withdrew their
soldiers from the Northwest Territory, war
debt from the American Revolution was
“negotiated”, and trade agreements were
Farwell Address:
• Washington gave a speech at the end of his
second term:
–Encouraged Americans to be good
–Warned against political parties (he saw
the problems b/t Jefferson & Hamilton).
–Warned against foreign alliances- stay
out of European conflicts.