Name: Final Exam Review Describe the Neolithic Revolution and

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Final Exam Review
1. Describe the Neolithic Revolution and give examples.
2. What was the Neolithic Revolution?
3. Define the term polytheistic.
4. Why were river valley civilizations centered on rivers?
5. Define the term subsistence farming.
6. What were the major achievements of the Persian Empire?
7. What was the basis of the Ancient Greek economy?
8. How did Athenians help shape governments of today?
9. Describe the life of a male living in Ancient Sparta.
10. What is isolation, and what role did it play in shaping the Chinese culture?
11. What religions were founded in Ancient India?
12. How did Arabs spread Islam?
13. What was the cause of the split between the Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims?
14. What did Mansa Musa do?
15. In the Gold and Salt Trade, what was the salt used for?
16. Describe the qualities that the first ruler of a new dynasty would have.
17. Who replaced the Roman Empire as the ruling power of Europe?
18. What promises did the Magna Carta make?
19. Why did the Vikings attack the people of Europe?
20. What caused the end of the Medieval Period in Europe?
21. Why were the Crusades fought?
22. Describe the Renaissance.
23. Who were Europeans trying to base their lives on during the Renaissance?
24. Describe the Protestant Reformation.
25. Who changed the national religion of England, and why?
26. What were the causes of the Atlantic Slave Trade?
27. What effect did the invention of the Printing Press have on Europe?
28. How did global trade affect Europe?
29. How was mercantilism used in Europe?
30. Describe social life in the Ottoman Empire.
31. How did England raise money to pay off debts that resulted from defending the colonies?
32. What are checks and balances?
33. What changes did Europe go through because of the Napoleonic Wars?
34. What impact did the French Revolution have on Europe?
35. Why did American colonists want independence from England?
36. What is the heliocentric theory, and who discovered it?
37. Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in England?
38. Define urbanization.
39. What are the characteristics of Communism?
40. What were the results of England taking control of India?
41. How did the British unify the people of India?
42. What did the Egyptians do with the Suez Canal to raise money to pay for it?
43. How did the Japanese government create social mobility?
44. What did Japan do to try and catch up with the economies in the West?
45. What were the causes of World War 1?
46. What event was described as the “spark that ignited World War 1?”
47. What did the Bolshevik Party change the name of Russia to?
48. What were the terms of Germany’s surrender at the end of World War 1?
49. What reflected the desire for instant gratification in America?
50. Why did the U.S. enter World War 1?
51. Define hyperinflation.
52. What were the causes of the Great Depression?
53. What were the results of World War 2?
54. What were President Roosevelt’s achievements?
55. How was the location of the Nuremberg Trials chosen?
56. Why did women in China support Mao Zedong?
57. What were the differences between life in the Soviet Union and countries of the West?
58. Describe the Policy of Containment?
59. How did Chinese Reformation change their economy?
60. What is Mutually Assured Destruction?
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