Chapter 4 and 5.1 Study Guide

Chapter 4 and 5.1 Study Guide
Terms to know
Atoms, Electron, Proton, Neutron, Nucleus, Period, Group, Element, Atomic Number, Mass
Number, Chemical Symbol, Isotope, Metal, Nonmetal, Metalloid, Conductivity, Malleable,
Ductile, Reactivity, Corrosion, Alkali Metal, Alkaline Earth Metal, Transition Metal, Valence
electron, Electron dot diagram, Chemical bond
Chapter 4.1
1. Know the parts of the atom and their charges and locations within the atom
2. Know the number of electrons per energy level
3. Know which particles make up atomic mass
4. Know that the atomic number equals the number of protons and electrons
Chapter 4.2
1. Why was Mendeleev important and how did he arrange the periodic table?
2. What did he predict?
3. Know the specific patterns of the periodic table
4. Know the difference between period and group
5. Know how elements form in stars through nuclear fusion
Chapter 4.3, 4.4
1. Know the physical and chemical properties of metals vs. nonmetals
2. Know where metals and nonmetals are found on the periodic table
3. Know which group is the alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, transition metals, halogens,
and noble gases.
4. Know which of these groups is most and least reactive
Chapter 5.1
1. Know what valence electrons and what they determine in an atom
2. Know how to draw an electron dot diagram
3. Know how chemical bonds are formed
4. Know why elements within a specific group have similar properties
5. Know which group has a full valence electron shell
6. Know how bonding can make atoms more stable