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Chemistry Test Review Sheet:
Periodic Table, Electron Configuration, and Bonding
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Periodic Table:
 Know the different groups within the periodic table and some properties
about them (Alkali Metals, Earth Alkali, Transition, Nobel Gasses,
 What do group and period number tell you?
 How do you find the atomic mass, atomic number, # of protons, electrons,
and neutrons?
Electron Configuration:
 What is an orbital?
 Know the order in which the orbitals fill in the electron configuration.
 Be able to write out the electron configuration for any atom. (using both
the full method, and the abbreviated method)
 If given an electron configuration, you should be able to find the atom.
Metals, Non Metals, Metalloids:
 Know the difference between a metal, nonmetal, and metalloid.
 Know where they are on the periodic table.
 Know the properties of each so you can examine data and classify any
substance as one of the three.
 What are the 2 types of bonds?
 What are the properties associated with ionic and covalent bonds?
 Know the properties of each so you can examine data and classify any
substance as ionic or covalently bonded.
 Be able to write the chemical formula for any two elements using the
Lewis dot structure or charge crossing method.
 You should know how to find the charge of an ion on the periodic table.
 Know how to find how many valence electrons an atom has, using the
periodic table.