Chapter 19 Guided Reading Questions

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Chapter 19 Guided Reading Questions
Section 1
1. What regions did the Aksum Empire trade with?
2. What kinds of goods did the empires of Zimbabwe and Mozambique trade in exchange
for their precious metals?
3. What were some characteristics of the Masai society?
4. What events weakened the Masai society?
5. How did Masai and Zulu lifestyles differ?
6. What happened to the Masai when Europeans arrived?
7. How did the end of World War Ii affect African colonies?
8. What is the history of government in many African nations since they gained
Section 2
1. Why are there fewer places for nomads to graze their animals?
2. What did people do to upset the balance of life in Lake Victoria?
3. Why is Southern Africa more economically diverse than Eastern Africa?
4. Which country has the strongest economy in the region?
5. What is an important characteristic of Southern African music?
6. What is a hocketing?
7. What outside cultures have influenced new types of African music?
8. What percentage of Southern and Eastern Africans practice a traditional religion?
9. What is the focus of many traditional religions?
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Section 3
1. Where is South Africa located?
2. What is the major geographical feature of South Africa?
3. In what way are South Africa’s seasons different from those of the U.S.?
4. Who were the first European settlers in South Africa? What were their descendants
5. Who gained control of the Cape Town colony in the early 1800’s?
6. Why did Africans support the British in their fight against the Boers?
7. In the Union of South Africa, in what ways were nonwhites discriminated against?
8. What was the goal of the Africa National Congress?
9. What is a sanction?
10. How many official languages are there in South Africa?
11. What are some examples of the diversity of South African culture?
Section 4
1. Where do most Kenyans live? Why?
2. What is three-quarters of the land in Kenya like?
3. Who were the earliest ancestors of modern Kenyans?
4. What groups of people traded along the coast of Kenya?
5. What is the largest ethnic group of Kenya?
6. What is one indication of the value that Kenyans place on education?
7. What industry brings the most money into Kenya’s economy?
8. What are some problems faced by residents of Nairobi?
9. What is Swahili?