Power practice problems

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Power practice problems
Work (J) = Force (N) X distance (m)
Power (Watts) = Work (J)
Time (sec)
KgN (multiply by 9.8)
cm m (divide by 100)
1. A game show contestant won a prize by pushing a bowling ball 20m using his nose. The
amount of work done was 1470 J. How much force did the person exert on the ball?
2. You family is moving to a new apartment. It takes you 1 second to lift a 200 N box straight up
onto a truck that is 1.5 meters off the ground. How much power did you exert?
3. You lift a book from the floor to a bookshelf 100cm above the ground. How much power is
used if the book is 0.5kg and you do the work in 2 seconds?
4. A carpenter lifts a 45 kg beam 1.2 meters. How much work is done on the beam?
5. A dancer lifts a 400 N ballerina overhead a distance of 1.4m and holds her there for several
seconds. How much work is done during the lift? How much work is being done while the
ballerina is being held? Explain.
6. A weight lifter lifts a 1,250N barbell 2 m in 3seconds. How much power was used to lift the bar?
How much power does it take to hold the barbell overhead? Explain.