Work and Power - Practice and Clarification

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Work and Power - Practice and Clarification Worksheet
What conditions must exist in order for a force to do work
on an object?
What formula relates work and power?
How much work is done when a vertical force acts on an
object moving horizontally? Explain.
Two cars have the same weight, but one of the cars has an
engine that provides twice the power of the other. Which
car can make it to the top of a mountain pass first? Which
car does more work to reach the pass?
How much work does a 25 N force do to lift a potted plant
from the floor to a shelf 1.5 meters high? (show your
You lift a bag of flour from the floor to a 1 meter counter,
doing 100 joules of work in 2 seconds. How much power
do you use to lift the bag of flour?
You carry two heavy bags of groceries upstairs. Will you
do more work on the bags if you carry them up one at a
time? Explain.
A desk exerts an upward force to support a computer
resting on it. Does this force do work? Explain.
How much power is needed to lift a book 2.0 meters in 1.0
sec, if the book exerts a force of 20 Newtons?
It takes 40 watts of power to operate a light bulb for one
second. How much work does the light bulb do in that