IV. Mandate Period (1920-1948) defeat GB & France Ottoman Empire

IV. Mandate Period (1920-1948)
A. Britain and France installed…
B. Ottoman Empire allied with Nazi Germany in
the 1930’s to defeat GB & France; but were
invaded and overpowered during World War II by the
C. World War II brought “independence”to most
of the region
… WHY?
E. In 1948 Israel
becomes a state. They were
immediately attackedby Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon,
Syria, Jordan, and troops from Saudi Arabia, Libya, and
with Winston Churchill’s
support, the British gave the
throne of Iraq
to the Hashemite King Faisal,
D. In 1932 the Al Saud family took over Saudi Arabia and
quickly made deals with several American energy companies.
We’ve been allies ever since!
What is the message
of this cartoon?
V. Oil in the Middle East
A. Two of the most important natural resources are:
2. Natural Gas
B. They bring wealth into the region and are needed by much of
the world
C. Over 50% of the world’s known oil reserves are located in the
Middle East.
C. Oil Reserves & Economy
The Southwest Asian countries with the largest reserves of
natural gas and oil are:
Saudi Arabia
2. These countries have seen tremendous growth in national
wealth and an improved standard of living in the past 50
3. Some other countries have smaller reserves, especially around
the Arabian Gulf.
4. Those countries without the reserves have had a much harder
time improving living conditions for their people.
5. This difference has lead to much conflict.
D. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
1) In the 1960’s several of these countries joined with other oilrich countries around the world to form the Organization of
Petroleum Exporting Countries.
2) They wanted to work together to regulate the price of oil
3) The first 5 countries were:
a)Saudi Arabia
4. These countries along with others who have joined since
1960, continue to decide the price of a barrel of oil
5. That determines the price on the world market.
a. When they produce less, prices go up
b. When they increase production, prices go down
E. The role of oil in the economies of
Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Iran
1) Oil and natural gas are considered fossil
created centuries ago.
fuel which means they were
2) They are also non-renewable natural resources which means they
cannot be replaced
3) Most of the world’s industrialized
of both resources of oil and gas
nations rely on a steady supply
4) The U.S. gets over half of its supply, almost ____________every
day, from this region
5) For this reason, countries in the Middle East have a steady
for all the oil and natural gas they produce.
a) Saudi Arabia & Veneuzuela are two of the world’s largest
suppliers / producers of oil.
 Over half of the world’s known supply comes from them.
b) Israel has very few natural resources and practically no oil.
 They have a high industrial economy, so the world price of oil has a huge
impact on their economy.
Another reason water is so important in the region…
What is the
between these
What does this
mean for countries
outside of the
Middle East?