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Who were the Puritans?

• Protestant religious group that wanted to purify the Church of England and create simpler, more democratic way to worship • Rejected ceremony and adornments not mentioned in the Bible

• Left England to avoid religious persecution • Create a new, pure society in North America

Values & Beliefs

*Human beings are sinful by nature *Salvation belongs to the elect, or God’s chosen, who can be identified by virtue *Temperance *Hard work and worldly success are signs of God’s grace *Education is essential in order to read the Word of God

• Most common forms of Puritan writing were diaries and histories • The key element found in Puritan writing was how they looked for signs of God’s working in everyday life • Wrote in “Plain Style” (strong, simple, logical which made the Bible accessible to all)

• Puritans lived very pious lives because they strove for salvation • Pious and virtuous on the outside; pious and virtuous on the inside • Your inner soul was demonstrated by your outward behavior • People examined their inner lives closely for signs of grace; they lived as well as possible hoping to please God

• Often called the first U.S. Constitution • An agreement to work together for the good of the entire group • Outlined how the Puritans would be governed once they landed in what would be America

The Mayflower Compact

• Many historians feel that the Puritan ethic of thrift, hard work, and self-sufficiency contributed to the success of capitalism in the New World. Because the Puritans believed wealth was a sign of God’s favor, they strove to attain it.