Organelle Study Guide

Organelle Study Guide
Name the organelle to its function
Protects and supports plant cells
Controls what goes in and out of the cell
“the brain”
Cell control center that directs cell activity
found in the cytoplasm and rough ER,
produces proteins
carries proteins and other materials from one
part of the cell to another
produces energy in animal cells
produces energy in plant cells from the sun
receive proteins from the ER and packages
them out to other parts of the cell
Stores food and water in cells
contains chemicals that break down large food
a dark spot in the nucleus that produces
ribosomes and contains chromatin
the gel-like material that the organelles are in
contains genetic material and found in the
2 organelles that plants have that animal cells
do not
2 organelles that animals have that plant cells
do not
Be able to draw a cell (your choice plant or
animal) and label 10 organelles