Medical Terminology Review - Doral Academy Preparatory

Medical Terminology Review
Directions: Fill in the blank with the most appropriate term.
1. At its most simple level of structure, the body is composed of ________________.
2. The fundamental unit of all living things, including the human body is the
3. A group of cells working together to form the same function is a (n) ______________.
4. Various types of tissue work together in the human body to compose a
5. The steady state of equilibrium existing in the body is called ___________________.
6. Among the systems coordinating homeostasis are the nervous system and the
7. The body is erect with eyes forward, feet together, arms at the side, and palms forward
in the _________________.
8. The directional term used to describe the front of the body on the belly side is
9. Although the term dorsal is sometimes used, the preferred term when referring to the
back side of a human is ________________.
10. In anatomical nomenclature, the term superior refers to an aspect of the body toward
the __________________.
11. The anatomical term referring to a side away from the midline is
12. The term proximal refers to a point close to where an extremity attaches to the body
13. In the anatomical nomenclature, the hand would be considered distal to the
14. A vertical plane dividing the body into right and left sides represents a (n)
15. A longitudinal plane dividing the body into right and left sides represents a (n)
16. A horizontal plane divides the body into superior and inferior parts and is also known as
a (n)_____________________.
17. A midsagittal plane divides the body into equal right and left halves, but if the halves are
unequal the plane is said to be _______________________.
18. The dorsal body cavity is subdivided into the spinal cavity and the _______________.
19. Two major subdivisions of the ventral body cavity are the abdominopelvic cavity and the
20. The heart, esophagus, trachea, and bronchi are all located in a portion of the body
called the _________________.
21. The large dome-shaped muscle separating the abdominopelvic cavity from the thoracic
cavity is the ____________________.
22. The abdominal subdivision and pelvic subdivision are portions of the abdominopelvic
cavity, which is also known as the ________________.
23. Immediately superior to the umbilical region is a region of the abdominopelvic cavity
known as the ____________________.