Comparing Jamestown and Plymouth

Comparing Jamestown and Plymouth
1. What was the biggest difference between the settlers at Plymouth and Jamestown? What was
the original goal for both colonies?
2. What do you believe is the most reasonable answer to what happened to the settlers at
3. What do you think was the most difficult obstacle facing the Jamestown settlers?
4. What is the Virginia Company of London a modern version of?
5. What were the obstacles facing the settlers at Plymouth? How did they differ from Jamestown?
6. What did the Plymouth settlers refer to themselves as?
7. Why was the creation of the Mayflower Compact essential to the survival of the colony?
8. How were the two colonies governed differently?
9. Summarize Smith’s and Bradford’s roles in the establishment of these colonies.
10. Describe the relationship between the settlers and the American Indians in both colonies. How
were they similar? How were they different?
11. What were the economies like?
12. In your opinion, what do you believe is the most influential part of the establishment of these
two colonies on American life today?