File - Mr. Armknecht

Persuasive Speech
Length: 6-8 minutes
Outline required
Audience evaluation required
Choose a topic that is culturally/socially relevant, but, remember that you are being graded on your originality and
creativity. Please avoid topics that have been repeatedly used (i.e. abortion, the death penalty, legalization of marijuana,
lowering the drinking age, etc.). Choose a topic that is likely divisive among your perceived audience.
Fully research your topic. Support your position on the issue. You should present the topic from the perspective that you
are attempting to gain support for this issue from a broad audience. You should choose a topic that you are passionate
Option A: Persuasive Speech on a Question of Fact
A question of fact addresses the truth or falsity of an assertion. You may ask a question that has an absolute or
inconclusive answer. Act as an advocate and present one view of the facts as persuasively as possible. Remember to
refute opposing facts.
Option B: Persuasive Speech on a Question of Value
A question of value addresses the worth, rightness, morality, and so forth of an idea or action. You should make a claim,
and justify it. Begin by defining what you mean, and then show evidence that supports your claim. Set identifiable
standards for your value judgment. You should not be arguing for or against a particular course of action.
Option C: Persuasive Speech on a Question of Policy
A question of policy addresses whether a specific course of action should or should not be taken. Questions of policy
always involve questions of fact, and sometimes may include questions of value; however, questions of policy always go
beyond questions of fact or value to decide whether something should or should not be done.
Determine whether your goal is to gain passive agreement or immediate action. Indicate the need, plan, and practicality
to the audience.
Use of a visual aid is optional, but encouraged. The speech must include a minimum of eight sources used to develop
your speech. Four of these sources must be orally cited within the speech. You must document your sources on a
reference page done in MLA format that will be submitted on the due date along with your outline. Four of your sources
should be recent (within the academic semester). The speech should be delivered extemporaneously from brief notes
that occupy no more than the front side of two 4 x 6 index cards. You should not read your speech and should make eye
contact as much as possible. You will turn in your index cards at the end of your speech.