Persuasive Speech Assignment

Persuasive Speech Assignment - E
It’s time to prepare a persuasive speech of your own. The
topic is your choice (It cannot be a Lazar-related issue.),
and should be something that you feel is important.
Remember, your mission is to persuade people to adopt a
certain belief – not just tell fact after fact.
Each speech itself should be no shorter than three
The speech should include the following:
 An interesting opening – AGD
 A strong thesis statement
 An organized speech (5-paragraph technique)
along with at least 3 main points LOGOS
 Effective transitions
 Emotional appeal PATHOS
 Facts & Statistics (with in-speech citations)
 Website – Date and web address
 Article – Date and title of article
 Book – Author and title
 Quote – “Gandhi said…”
 A call to belief/action with a strong closing
You will not have to hand in your Persuasive Speech.
You will have to hand in a typed works cited.
 Typed, Times New Roman, size 12
 At least three different sources
 Follows MLA format
 Has the proper heading
DUE DATE: ________________________