Local Government: Douglas County, Georgia

Unit 5: Local Government
SS8CG5: The student will analyze the role of
local governments in the state of Georgia.
The First Five
December 10, 2014
Agenda Message: Unit 5 Quiz on Wednesday
Today’s Warm-up:
What type of services does Douglas County and
the cities of Douglasville provide to you each
Local Government
• Many of the day-to-day services that you use
are provided by local government.
Examples: Police and Fire Departments, roads,
road signs, and traffic lights
• Local government focuses on the needs of the
citizens, and their services are based on
available funds (taxes).
• Voters elect the officials who run county and
city governments.
County Government
• The county that you live in has a county seat (oldest city in the
county), which has government offices and courts located there.
• Most money that county governments need in order to operate
come from:
1. Funds from the federal & state governments
2. Taxes & fees from local residents
A. Property Taxes: Taxes paid on the value of
land and buildings owned by people.
B. Sales Taxes: Taxes paid on purchases & services
C. Special Purpose Taxes: Taxes that pay for special projects
(build new schools, jails, road, etc.)
D. Fees: Fines & penalties, licenses, and permits
• County commissioners set the policies and ordinances
(laws/rules) in counties.
County Government
Counties are subdivisions of the state set up to
carry out certain government functions.
County Tax dollars cover your local:
County administration
Police (sheriff)
Construction and maintenance of roads and bridges
Medical care for elderly and children who cannont
afford care
Board of Commissioners
Elected to 4 year terms (staggered)
They have the authority to establish county
policy, adopt county ordinances (laws) establish
a budget, tax rates, and provide services to
citizens. (ex: requests to build parks or walking
City Government
• Cities in Georgia have one of three forms of government:
1. Weak Mayor-Council: The elected city council has
more power than the mayor.
2. Strong Mayor-Council: The elected mayor is the city’s
chief executive officer and is responsible for seeing
that they city’s laws are carried out and each
departments do their jobs.
3. Council-Manager: A city manager is responsible for
the day-to-day operations of the city.
• The elected officials balance the needs of the city’s
residents against the money available. They work to
provide as many services as possible to the residents.
Douglas County, Georgia
• County Seat is Douglasville
• Created in 1875
• Named in honor of U.S. Senator and Vice
President of the Confederate States of
America (during the Civil War), Stephen
• 17th largest county in Georgia
• 133rd county created in Georgia
Douglas County, Georgia
• Mayor Harvey Persons
• Sheriff Phil Miller
Douglas County, Georgia
• The City of Douglasville has a
council-manager form of
• This means that the Board of
Commissioners sets policy, and the
city manager’s office oversees the
day-to-day operations of the city.
• The city manager's responsibilities
1. Carrying out the commission’s
2. Hiring, terminating, and
supervising government staff
3. Preparing a budget
4. Serving as the commission’s chief
City Manager
William D. Osborne
Douglas County, Georgia
Board of Commissioners
The citizens of Douglas County are represented
by seven commissioners, city manager, and a
Douglas County, Georgia
• Chief of Police, Chris
• Douglas County Schools
Superintendent, Dr. Gordon Pritz
Douglas County, Georgia
School Board Members
• A five member elected board
governs the Douglas County
School System.
• The Douglas County Board of
Education is charged with the
power of authority to maintain,
finance, and make policies to
govern the public schools within
its jurisdiction.
• The superintendent is appointed
by the board and is charged with
the responsibility of
administering the public school
program of the Douglas County
Board of Education.
• It is a special purpose type of
Carol Lindstrom
Janet Kelley
D.T. Jackson
Dr. Sam
Jeff Morris
3-2-1 Response
• Who are 3 board member of the Douglas
County School System?
• What are 2 services that Douglas County
provides for its citizens?
• What is the 1 way that state and local
governments raise money?