CH 10 section 1 and 2

WWI and Beyond
From Neutrality to War
CH 10.1
Pages 282-291
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• Recall (Ch. 9); What is Imperialism?
• What new territories did the U.S gain during
this era?
Causes of WWI; M.A.I.N
Why did the U.S Enter?; Germany Threatens U.S Rights & Safety (Lusitania & Zimmerman)
2. Militarism; Due to Imperialism, More temptation to resort to violence
4. Allies; Triple Alliance; Germany, A.H & Italy
Triple Entente; France, Russia & G.B
 Protection, Strengthen Defense, Mutually Asserted Destruction
1. Imperialism; Competition
3. Nationalism; No need for other ethnic groups
Serbia Gained Independence in 1878
Believed Bosnia Belonged with Serbia, and not A.H Empire
Incident that Triggers The War; Gavrilo Princip assassinates Archduke Ferdinand
Chain Reaction of Events (Remember Allies):
1. A.H Declares War on Serbia, 2.Russia Allies with Serbia, 3.Germany Allies with A.H and Declares War on Russia,
4. France declares war on Germany, 5. Germany declares war on Belgium, 5. G.B Declares War on Germany
Central Powers v. Allied Powers
Stalemate Produced; Trench Warfare & New Technologies
Trench foot, Machine guns = Massive & equal amounts of casualties on both sides
Americans Oppose the War; Costly to Join, Interests not directly threatened, different backgrounds
WWI Effects U.S; G.B Blockade (Economically), Germany (U-Boats; Lusitania, 1915)
Sussex Pledge
U.S Maintains Neutrality but Prepares for War; National Defense Act (1916), Naval Construction Act
Election of 1916; He Kept Us Out of War, Wilson Wins
U.S Enters War, Germany Violates Sussex Pledge and Zimmerman Note
April 2, 1917 Wilson asks Congress to Declare War
April 6, 1917
Home Front During WWI
Pages 292-299
WWI Effects America at Home;
Economy Mobilized,
Committee of Public Information (C.P.I)
Civil Liberties Curtailed,
Job Availability to Women, African Americans and Mexicans
Drafts; Selective Service Act of 1917
>48 Million
How did some evade the draft?
Mobilizing The Economy; War Industries Board (W.I.B) Bernard Baruch
Food Administration and Herbert Hoover
How Does This Help Farmers?
George Creel heads the C.P.I  “Sell The War”  Yellow Journalism
Backlash; Prejudice (The Kaiser, The Beast of Berlin) , Liberty Steaks
Civil Liberties Curtailed; Espionage and Sedition Acts (1917-18)
Job Availability for;
African Americans; The Great Migration
Mexican Americans