states of consciousness review

Unit 1 Review: States of Consciousness
Directions: Please answer each question thoroughly on a separate sheet of
1. Describe what it means to be "conscious."
2. List the different levels or types of consciousness that we have, whether
they are active or passive and naturally occurring or artificially induced.
3. What do scientists believe the purpose of consciousness is?
4. Define: cocktail party effect, selective attention, inattentional blindness,
hypnic jerk
5. Define circadian rhythm and explain why humans sleep at night.
6. Describe each stage of sleep, 1-4 plus REM stage 5, including their types
of brain waves.
7. Describe the sleep cycle (order of stages, length)
8. Describe the causes and symptoms of: sleep apnea, narcolepsy,
insomnia, and night terrors.
9. Describe the consequences of sleep deprivation.
10. Explain the science of addiction (how the brain becomes addicted to a
11. List the different classes of drugs and how they alter consciousness (their
side effects)
12. Classify: alcohol, nicotine, caffeine,
13. Define: Withdrawal, Tolerance, Addiction
14. Define hypnosis and describe how it has been helpful in pain