Chapter 7 States of Consciousness


Chapter 7 States of Consciousness - Take Home Exam Due: Wednesday January 4  Please answer the questions in

complete sentences


in your own words

. 1.

Describe consciousness. What are some altered states of consciousness? How can things that need our attention become automatic? Provide an example. (271) 2.

Describe circadian rhythm. How does our circadian rhythm change as we age? What are some things that can alter our circadian rhythm?(275) 3.






What hormones are involved in making us drowsy and keeping us alert? (275 – 276) Briefly describe the stages of sleep and the different brain waves in each state.(277) Describe REM sleep. Why does our body become paralyzed during REM sleep?(276) Briefly summarize the purpose of sleep and the effects of sleep deprivation. (279 – 283) Briefly describe the different sleep disorders in the text.(283 – 285) Describe the difference between the

manifest content


latent content

of dreams and 9.

provide an example.(287) Briefly describe the different dream theories in the text.(287 – 289) 10.

To what extent does hypnosis work?(290 – 296) 11.

Describe the difference between physical dependence and psychological dependence. (297) 12.

Define and provide an example of tolerance. (297) 13.

Fill out the following chart:

Category Examples of Drugs In the Category

Depressants Stimulants Hallucinogens

Effect of Drug