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AP Psychology
States of Consciousness (Ch 3) Study Guide
Identify what you think to be the most important concepts from each of the following sections of the
Pages 85 – 91: Intro and Attention
 Dual processing and its role in
o selective attention
o cocktail party effect
o inattentional blindness
o change blindess
o choice blindness
Pages 91 – 103: Sleep (see also TED talks sheets, Hypnogram diagrams, PPT)
 Circadian rhythms
 Stages of sleep and brain waves and physical qualities associated with each
 Changes in typical sleep patterns at different ages
 Theories regarding why we sleep
 Consequences of sleep deprivation
 Sleep disorders
Pages 103 – 107: Dreams (see also PPT)
 Theories regarding why we dream
Pages 108 – 112: Hypnosis
 Definition/characteristics as increased suggestibility, divided consciousness, social phenomenon
 Uses of hypnosis
Pages 112 – 122: Psychoactive Drugs (see also Drug Chart and Mouse Party)
 Definitions of tolerance, withdrawal, dependence, addiction
 Effects of drugs in major categories: depressants, stimulants, hallucinogens, opiates,
dissociative drugs, inhalants, steroids
 Examples of drugs in the categories above
Pages 123 – 126: Influences on Drug Use
 Genetic, social, psychological
Pages 126 – 128: Near Death Experiences
 Characteristics of NDE
 Freud
 Hobson and McCarley
 Crick and Mitchison
 Cartwright
There are helpful review questions and answers on pages 129 – 130
There is a list of important vocabulary words on page 131