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Question (1)
Put (true) or (false) at the end of following sentences:
1/ In the verbal communication, we are using spoken and written words (
2/ Facial expressions provide a rich source of non-verbal information (
3/ To be an active listener remove distractions (
4/ Effective communication reduces stress (
5/ The way you sit or stand can convey your attitude or feelings about what you are doing
or thinking (
6/ To be a good speaker do not believe in your message (
7/ Verbal communication allows immediate response (
8/ We can hear something without choosing to listen (
9/One of listen barriers is hearing what we want to hear (
10/ A sender is the medium by which a message travels (
Question 2:
Choose the best answer:
1/ communication is:
A/ Circular continuous process
b/The one-way process
c/ Horizontal process
2/Communication process includes:
A/ Feedback
b/ Ignoring
c/ Fear
d/ None
3/communication Based upon Channels/Media is divided into:
A/ Mediated & Non-mediated
b/ Participatory & Non-participatory
c/ Technical & Non-technical
d/ All are right
4/an example for informal communication is communicating between:
A/ managers and workers
c/ family members
b/ friends
d/ b,c are right
5/ Eye contact is:
a/ Written Communication
c/ Verbal Communication
b/ Non-Verbal Communication
d/ formal Communication