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Ways to Communicate

Ways to Communicate
Ms. Coleman
Reading and Writing
What is Communication?
Communication involves the imparting (you
giving) or interchanging (you receiving)
thoughts, opinions, or information among
people by speech, writing, or signs. People
communicate in different ways.
1. Verbal Communication
Verbal communication includes the use
of words in delivering the intended
message. The two major forms of verbal
communication include written and oral
Verbal Communication  Written
Written communication includes traditional
pen and paper letters and documents, typed
electronic documents, e-mails, text and
anything else conveyed through written
symbols such as language.
Verbal Communication  Oral
 Oral communication is the spoken word, either face-toface or through phone, voice chat, video conferencing
or any other medium. Various forms of informal
communications such as the grapevine or informal
rumor mill (like el chisme), and formal communications
such as lectures, conferences are forms of oral
2. Non-Verbal Communication
Nonverbal communication entails
communicating by sending and receiving
wordless messages. These messages usually
reinforce verbal communication, but they
can also convey thoughts and feelings on
their own.
Non-Verbal Communication  Physical Non-Verbal
Physical nonverbal communication, or
body language, includes facial
expressions, eye contact, body posture,
gestures such as a wave, pointed finger
and the like, overall body movements,
tone of voice, touch, and others.
3. Visual Communication
A third type of communication is visual
communication through visual aids such
as signs, drawing, graphic design,
illustration, color and other electronic
Why is this Important?
 In everything we do, we communicate our intentions, personality,
values, and beliefs.
 For instance, Visual communication with graphs and charts usually
reinforces written communication, and can in many cases replace
written communication altogether. For example, Emojis
 Your body language or non-verbal communication can
“communicate” how you feel that day. People can make judgments
about you without you even opening your mouth or them knowing
much about you.
Why is this Important?
This unit, we will deal with you
communicating your own experience. There
is a lot that affects, or has an influence, on
your experience. Whether you know it or
What did you learn?
 Today I learned that there are different types of Communication.
Communication is the key concept of this Unit titled “This American Life.”
 The three types of Communication are: Verbal, Non-Verbal, and Visual.
 The two types of Verbal communication are Written and Oral.
 Physical Non-verbal communication is also known as Body Language
 It’s important that I learn the different types of Communication so that I can
analyze, or be able to pull out information, about how different messages are
Structured or organized in text, video, and real life.
Exit Slip
Ways to Communicate
Question 1
What are the three main
types of Communication?
Question 2
What type of Communication is this example below?
“The Starry Night”
by Vincent Van Gogh
Question 3
What are the different types
of Verbal Communication?
Question 4
What is the type of
communication featured below?
Question 5
Why is it important that you learn the
different types of Communication?
(Hint- it begins with an “A” and check your “Things I Learned Sheet”)