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Chem 1315
Fall 2014
Instructor: Greg Walsh
Office: To be announced
Meeting Times: Lecture: Monday and Wednesday 1:00pm – 2:20pm Rm. 8154
Lab: Wednesday 2:30pm – 5:20pm Rm 8276
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday after lab and before class.
Chemistry the Central Science, Brown, Lemay,
Bursten, Murphy, Prentice Hall
Lab Manual:
General Chemistry 1 Lab Manual, RonJon Publishing.
Scientific calculator, ( No preprogrammed information is allowed on
Tests or quizzes), and lab goggles ( available in book store ).
Course Description
Che 1315 is a course designed for science and science related majors.
It includes the study of measurements, atomic theory, chemical
bonding, stoichiometry, gases, condensed states, solutions, and
thermodynamics, as well as problem solving skills, and descriptive
contents for these topics. The laboratory section is designed to
introduce techniques used in chemistry and to show some of the
topics discussed in class.
Mth 1513 College Algebra or equivalent
Material Covered: Chapters 1-5 then 10 and 6 through 9.6 and 11-11.4 some sections may be omitted.
I will let you know when the specific chapters are reached. You should do the odd
Problems at the back of each chapter up to the additional exercises, so you can
Check your answers and make sure you are doing them correctly.
4 Lecture exams 100pts each 400pts
10 Quizzes 15pts each
12 labs 10pt each
Grading Scale
670 pts
Exam questions will come from lecture. The topics will be gone over
before the exam and there will be a review. It is very helpful to attend
class because the specific information on tests is covered. Getting the
information from the book alone is more difficult and students will not
know what is going to be stressed on an exam. Attendance for exams
is important, but if you must miss an exam you can make it up at office
hours in the lab or in the testing center. You must let me know so I can
make the arrangements. The final is comprehensive and given the day
of class.
There will be weekly quizzes in class. I will let you know when they
will be given.
You should do the odd problems in the back of each chapter up to the
additional exercises. This way you can check your answers. I do not
collect homework so do as many as you think you need to do to be
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deadline that applies to the course(s). Begin the process with a
discussion with the faculty member assigned to the course. Contact the
Advisement Office at any TCC campus to initiate withdrawal from a course
('W' grade) or to change from Credit to Audit. Withdrawal and/or change
to an audit from a course after the drop/add period can alter the
financial aid award for the current and future semesters. Students may
receive an outstanding bill from TCC if the recalculation leaves a
balance due to TCC. Students who stop participating in the course and
fail to withdraw may receive a course grade of “F,” which may have
financial aid consequences for the student.
DISABILITY RESOURCES: It is the policy and practice of Tulsa Community College to
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compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the
Rehabilitation Act are available. To request accommodations, contact the Education
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of hearing students may text (918) 809-1864.
Tobacco Free College
Tulsa Community College is a Tobacco Free college in accordance with the
Governor’s Executive Order 2012-01 and Title 63 of the Oklahoma Statutes,
Section 1-1523 which prohibits smoking or the use of any tobacco products in all
public places, in any indoor workplace, and all vehicles owned by the State of
Oklahoma and all of its agencies and instrumentalities. This Order includes
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Violations of the policy may be addressed through issuance of campus or state