Ch. 13 Test
Constitutional Freedoms
Word Bank:
Speech Unreasonable search
Fair trial
Defamatory speech
Economic bailout
Fighting words
Student speech
Judicial branch
Listing- Use the Word Bank above to answer questions 1-3.
(20 Points)
1. List the five freedoms that are granted to ALL Americans in the 1st Amendment.
a. Freedom of ________________________
b. Freedom of ________________________
c. Freedom of ________________________
d. Freedom of ________________________
e. Right to ____________________________
2. List three types of speech that are NOT protected by the 1st Amendment.
a. ______________________________________
b. ______________________________________
c. ______________________________________
3. List the two types of Defamatory speech (false speech) with their meaning.
a. ______________________________ - Spoken
b. ______________________________ - Written
Matching (20 Points)
1. _______
2. _______
3. _______
4. _______
5. _______
6. _______
7. _______
8. _______
9. _______
10. _______
Bill of Rights
Prior Restraint
Parochial School
Symbolic Speech
Skokie, Illinois
Pure Speech
A. speech using actions or symbols
B. a religious school
C. Jewish community, site of Nazi rally
D. Non-religious
E. Government regulation of TV and radio
F. first 10 amendments (basic freedoms)
G. Isolation
H. verbal expression
I. TV, Internet, newspaper, media, etc.
J. Censorship of info before it is published
Important Court Case: Tinker v. Des Moines (1969)
[15 points]
1. This case began when __________________ decided to protest the war.
a. High School Students
b. Illegal Immigrants
c. Elderly Citizens
d. Married Couples
2. What war were they protesting?
a. Civil War
b. Vietnam War
c. American Revolution
d. WWI
3. How did they protest the war?
a. They marched along Main street, carrying signs, and chanting loudly.
b. They held a sit-in at a local restaurant.
c. They wore black arm bands to school to show they were against the war.
d. They terrorized the neighborhood, breaking windows and setting houses on
4. Why did the protesters sue (take to court) the school officials?
a. They felt their 1st amendment freedom of speech was violated.
b. Some of them felt they were not getting a proper education.
c. For wasting their tax money on books and computers.
d. The school officials discriminated among some students but not the others.
5. What did the Supreme Court rule?
a. The case was dismissed after the judges could not reach a decision.
b. The judges ruled to fire all of the school administrators.
c. Students should be jailed for their actions and should not be allowed to have
free speech in school.
d. Judges ruled the students could wear the arm bands to protest the war, it was
their freedom of speech.
Define (10 Points)
1. Establishment Clause2. Free Exercise Clause-
Selected Response (10 Points)
1. Describe the type of speech for each example.
a. Getting a tattoo ___________________________________
b. The President gives a speech to the nation ____________________________________
c. Jennifer breaks up with Todd and writes on her MySpace page that he robs
banks and houses. __________________________________
d. A man drives his car into an abortion clinic ________________________________
e. Listening to a preacher talk in church _________________________________