Egg and Carton Study Project Sheet

Egg and Carton Study in Acrylics
1. To study the value scale – both achromatic and color
2. To study organic and geometric forms
3. To introduce brush and blending techniques
acrylic paint
mat board strip
11x14 canvas board
brushes of choice
Eggs! Eggs are gorgeous to look at (especially the pretty blue ones!) and their spherical nature makes them great subjects for studying
value. Egg cartons are also quite visually interesting, as their geometric forms create wonderful shadows and great contrast to the
On your strip of mat board, mix and paint a 10 square Black & White value scale. This will serve as a reference for your
On your 11x14” canvas board, draw out your composition of the egg(s) and carton section. Remember the Rule of Thirds
says that you can create a more visually interesting composition by NOT centering your subject…
Painting steps on other side. These are just a suggestion for how to may already have your own technique that
works for you. 
1. Begin with the darkest darks.
5. Block in middle values/colors.
2. Add in the lights.
6. Mix, refine and layer middle values/colors.
3. Block in the background.
7. Add highlights.
4. Add the subject’s shadow and foreground.
8. Rework, refine, repaint – have fun!