Hands-On Workshop

Importante Taller
Trabajando con su nino en el hogar
Hands-On Workshop
Working at Home with Your Child
Working at Home with Your Child
Trabajando con su nino en el hogar
 Introductions
 Parental support and involvement
 Study Strategies
 Websites
 Questions and Comments
 Mrs Rosario-Trepper
 Grades: Kpm, Second and Fourth
 Email: nrosario-trepper@rpsd.org
 Room: 107 (across from the computer lab)
 Phone Number: (908) 245-1886 X6107
 Mrs. Ozeri
 Grades Kam, First Grade, Third Grade and Fifth Grade
 Email: wozeri@rpsd.org
 Room: 104 (across from the nurse’s office)
 Phone Number: (908) 245-1886 x6104
Parental Support and Involvement
 Take simple steps to teach organization.
 Look and sign agenda book every night after homework
is completed.
 Form a Homework routine which includes classroom
daily homework, spelling words (10 minutes),
vocabulary words (10 minutes), classroom notes
(science and social studies 10 minutes), and 15 minutes
of math facts.
 Give a break in between if needed.
 READ, READ, READ before going to bed EVERY NIGHT!!!
Requests from the
Classroom Teachers
 Check homework before signing agenda.
 In all grades, study math facts everyday including the
weekend. (The dollar stores usually have math
 Read a book or a chapter everyday including the
 Review notes for science, social studies, math, language
everyday including weekend.
Study Strategies that Work!
 Flashcards for ANYTHING!
 Classroom study guides (usually for Science and Social
 Whiteboards and/or clear pocket sleeves
 www.brainpopjr.com
 www.Raz-kids.com
 www.Starfall.com
 www.Pbskids.com
 www.Sheppardsoftware.com
 www.Timeforkids.com
 http://bensguide.gpo.gov/3-5/index.html
New Technology
 Smart phones; there are a lot of math fact games that
are free.
 i pads; look for free apps that are more educational and
Questions and Comments
 Stay to explore some websites.
 Share thoughts.
Children benefit
tremendously when
parents help them
bridge their two
most important
worlds; HOME and
This is a