*Romeo & Juliet* Reflection

Cinderella/Show Reflection
Section I: Basic introductory paragraph, stating the name of play, the
playwright, the acting company, the location, the date, and any other
relevant details.
Section II: Analysis of ACTING (style, expression, articulation, movement,
etc.) You are to select 2 main characters and 1 minor character to analyze.
Section III: Analysis of the STAGING (direction, scenery, costumes, props,
make-up, lighting, etc.). Write about what you observed and the
effectiveness of these things.
Section IV: Overall impression of the experience (the theater, your seats,
the subject matter, the audience’s reaction, etc.) and a brief review of the
Vocabulary: Please use at least 5 vocabulary words from our studies of
staging, theatres, etc. Highlight or underline them, please.
You have the option of writing this in essay form, with an introduction and
conclusion, or as a simple report, with headings for each category (It would
look similar to this sheet). Please use correct spelling and grammar, and
use size 12 Times New Roman or Arial font. You may share you document,
email it to me, or print it out.
If you did not attend the field trip, please do the same assignment for the
show you went to see. Please attach your ticket stub to your assignment.
Due by 1/5/14.