The Food Issue

1. How Many Calories Do You Get From a Potato? Everything You Know About
Calories is Wrong
2. The First Cookout (nearly two million years ago our ancestors began to barbecue. And
those hot meals, Richard Wrangham argues, are what made us human)
3. Return of the Natives: Reviving Native Bee Species Could Save Honeybees and Our
Agricultural System from Collapse
4. The Food Addiction: New Brain Research is Revealing Why Fats and Sugars May
Be Driving More and More People Toward Obesity
5. Which One Will Make You Fat? Rigorously Controlled Studies May Soon Give Us
a Definitive Answer About What Causes Obesity—Excessive Calories or the Wrong
6. Are Engineered Foods Evil? (Proponents of FM crops say the technology is the only
way to feed a warming, increasingly populous world. Critics say we tamper with
nature at our peril. Who is right?)
7. The Amazing Multimillion-Year History of Processed Food (It is the dark force, we
are told, behind the obesity epidemic, the death of the family farm and Tang. But humans
have been processing food ever since we learned how to cook, preserve, ferment, freeze,
dry, or extract. Processed food has powered the evolution of the species, the expansion of
empires, and exploration of space)
8. The Food Issue (food is a primal everyday part of our lives, yet rich with mystery. What
makes food taste so good?)
Organic Molecules in Everyday Life Group Project:
Your Assignment:
1. Sign up for the article you are most interested in reading, max of four people to each
article reading group.
2. Read and annotate the article.
3. In your small group, discuss the most important points of the text.
4. See me with questions/clarifications from your reading.
5. In your small group, brainstorm the best way to visually present the important points of
the article for the class.
6. Create your poster. You are welcome to any supplies I have in the classroom in addition
to any you wish to bring/use.
7. Each of you will attach to the back of your poster a typed page response to any/all of the
following prompts:
a. Why did you pick this article?
b. What questions about the topic did you have and were they answered?
c. What new information did you learn and why/how can it impact your life?
d. What other aspects of the topic are you still curious about?
8. This group assignment is due: