National Qualifications 2016

National Qualifications 2016
Request for Change of Timetable
To enable the Scottish Qualifications Authority to approve adjustments to the official timetable,
all proposals must be made by the Head of Centre to the Assessment Arrangements team by
sending an e-mail to [email protected] or by post to Assessment Arrangements, SQA,
Lowden, 24 Wester Shawfair, Dalkeith, Midlothian, EH22 1FD, clearly stating the reasons for
the proposed change.
Please note that the Head of Centre has the flexibility to amend the start time of examinations
by up to a maximum of half an hour before or after the time given in the examination
timetable. There is no requirement to advise SQA of this amended start time, but the Head of
Centre is responsible for confirming the amended details, in writing, to the Chief Invigilator,
Invigilators, teaching staff and candidates affected by the change. This will ensure the needs
of varying local circumstances are met.
Proposals to move the start time of an examination by more than half an hour must be made
be detailing overleaf for the paper(s) concerned clearly stating the reasons for the proposed
change. Only in exceptional situations will proposals for individual candidate requests be
In making these proposals examination centres should note that candidates taking
examinations outwith the official times must be kept isolated to ensure that they neither give nor
receive advance information about the contents of the question paper(s): this requirement must
be met not only in relation to possible contact within the candidates' own examination centre,
but also with regard to candidates from other examination centres.
Therefore, when candidates involved in an approved earlier session must be held under
supervised isolation until 30 minutes after the official start time and candidates in later
sessions must be under supervised isolation from 30 minutes after the official start time until
the start of their examination when they will come under the supervision of the Invigilator. The
centre is responsible for ensuring that during any period of supervision, candidates do not
have access to the internet, phones or any other electronic devices. The supervision of such
isolated candidates is not the responsibility of the Invigilator.
Points to consider when completing requests
 Ensure the proposed times for the re-arranged examination is of the same duration as
the timetabled examination.
 Candidates should be allowed at least 20 minutes between examinations, to allow for
any necessary checking of equipment and/or any required preparations.
 Candidates should be entitled to at least 30 minutes lunch break, although shorter
times maybe considered, but only if agreed by both parents and candidate.
Request for Change of Timetable 2016
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