Government and Economics


Government and


Mr. Verna

Room 157

Course Overview

This course is designed to….

• 1. Help students explore and understand the inner workings of the United States’

Government and its’ three separate branches.

• 2. Take a look at the United States

Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the freedoms they protect.

Course Overview


This course is designed to…

• 3. Take an in depth look at the Executive

Branch and the powers of the President.

• 4. Provide insight into the power of the

Judicial Branch and the law making abilities of the Legislative Branch.

• 5. Describe the American Economic System and the role it plays within the World’s

Economic System.

Course Grading

 Grades will be based on a points system.

 Each assignment will be worth a certain number of points and the final grade will be determined by the total points earned.

 Assignments will include: homework, quizzes, tests, projects, and in-class assignments. Late assignments will be accepted at a 20 point penalty.

 NOTE: All Seniors need to pass this class as a graduation requirement.

Important Odds and Ends…


The following is needed EVERYDAY for class:

• 1. One Binder with Notebook paper

• 2. One pen or pencil

• 3. One Highlighter (any color)

Important Odds and Ends


• Class Expectations:

• Arrive to class on time.

• Come to class prepared (have materials with you-this includes a writing utensil and notebook or binder!!!)

• Treat your classmates and your teacher with respect (there will be no toleration for insults, foul language, fighting, etc…)

Units of Study

• Unit 1: A Tradition of Democracy

Chapter 1: We the People

Chapter 2: Foundations of Government

Chapter 3: The United States Government

Chapter 4: Rights and Responsibilities

• Unit 2: The Federal Government

Chapter 5: The Legislative Branch

Chapter 6: The Executive Branch

Chapter 7: The Judicial Branch

• Unit 4: The Citizen in Government

Chapter 10: Electing Leaders

Chapter 11: The Political System

Chapter 12: Paying for Government

• Unit 6: The American Economy

Chapter 17: The Economic System

Chapter 20: Economic Challenges

Chapter 21: The U.S. Economy and the World

How to Survive Mr. Verna’s Class

• Be respectful… to everybody.

• Never, ever lie to me.

• Come prepared everyday.

• If you’re a fan of… The

“U”, Ohio State, Notre

Dame, The Red Sox, the

Penguins, or the

Blackhawks… you FAIL.

• Have a sense of humor.