Chapter 1 Study Guide-TT

Chapter 1 Study Guide- Principles of Government
Fall 2015
1. What is the dominant political unit in the world today?
2. List and explain the 4 characteristics of a state.
3. What basic characteristic does the State of Georgia lack? Explain.
4. Who has sovereignty in a dictatorship?
5. Who has sovereignty in a democracy?
6. Under what gov’t structure, is the power divided between a central gov’t and local
7. Under what gov’t structure, is all political powers in a state concentrated at the
central level?
8. What are the purposes of gov’t listed in the Preamble to the Constitution.
9. List and explain the 4 theories of the origins of a state.
10.Who wrote the Social Contract? What is the contract?
11. Describe the characteristics of presidential gov’t.
12. Describe the characteristics of parliamentary gov’t.
13. What is the relationship between the executive and legislative branches in both
presidential and parliamentary gov’t?
14. What is the Prime Minister’s relationship with the Legislative branch of
15. Why is the United States not considered a unitary form of gov’t?
16. Under what form of gov’t do conflicts usually arise that can be difficult to
resolve? Why?
17. If the gov’t raised taxes, what would that be an example of?
18. Explain the law of supply and demand.
19. What are the 4 factors of the free enterprise system?
20. What type of democracy is the United States Federal Government?
21. What did John Locke write? What did he believe all people had?
22. Explain the concept of equality of opportunity for all.
23. What are the characteristics of a free enterprise system?
24. Why is compromise a necessity in a democracy?
25. What does “promote the general welfare” mean?
26. In a democracy, the majority must always recognize who?
27. Define judicial power?
28. What are independent states that agree to form an alliance called?
29. Define legislative power?
30. Define constitution?
31. Name and explain the 2 different types of dictatorships?
CRITICAL THINKING: Pick ONLY 2 of the essays below to answer (5 points)- You
MUST write your answer in complete sentences in order to receive full credit.
Identifying Central Ideas What ideas did the social contract theory contribute to the development
of the American system of government?
Making Comparisons Is democracy more or less efficient as a form of government than
dictatorship? Explain the reasons for your answer.
Expressing Problems Clearly Which of the basic concepts of democracy do you think would be
LEAST well served in a direct democracy? Explain the reasons for your answer.
Explain What are the 4 characteristics of a state? Describe/Explain each of them.
Identifying Central Ideas Name and explain the characteristics of the 4 theories of the origin of the
Compare and Contrast Explain 2 differences and 2 similarities between the Presidential and
Parliamentary systems.