Flipping With 2 Brains Check Point Name: Per_____ Civil War

Flipping With 2 Brains Check Point
Civil War Causes
Name:______________________ Per_____
Directions: You will have 5 minutes to review your flip chart with a partner. Then together you will have
another 5 minutes to complete your checkpoint. Once that 5 minutes is up you will then have 1 minute to
decide INDEPENDENTLY if the answers on your paper are EXACTLY the way you want them to be before
turning them in.
Total time= 12 minutes, total points = 17, P = 13/17
1. The Compromise of 1850 caused controversy over what state being admitted into the
2. The Compromise of 1850 was liked and disliked by Northerners and Southerners.
Northerners liked that it _____________________________________________.
Southerners liked that it _____________________________________________.
3. One of the parts of the Compromise of 1850 involved using popular sovereignty to
determine slavery in the west.
Define Popular Sovereignty:___________________________________________________.
4. Stephen Douglas proposed the ___________________________Act. This act said that
__________________________________ would determine whether Kansas and Nebraska
would be a free or slave state.
5. Stephen Douglas debated this person for Congress________________________________ .
These debates drew national attention about the topic of _____________________.
6. According to the ________________________ case, the Supreme Court ruled that a
____________ man had no rights a white man was bound to respect.
7. The Kansas – Nebraska Act negated the ________________________________ and began
to upset the balance in Congress.
Put the following phrases in chronological order
(some of this you have yet to learn, so you’re not allowed to get stressed out on this
Lincoln is elected President
“Bleeding Kansas”
Compromise of 1850 passed
Kansas-Nebraska Act passed
The South Secedes from the Union
Lincoln Douglas Debates
How should slavery be determined in western states?