14.2 Worksheet

Chapter 14 Section 2 Notes
The Compromise of 1850
In September 1850, Congress finally passed _______________________________________.
The series of laws became known as the __________________________________.
o President _______________________ had ________________ the Compromise.
o However, Taylor _________________________
o The new President, ________________________, supported the Compromise and
The Compromise of 1850 was designed to end the crisis by giving both _________________ and
___________________ of slavery ____________________________________.
To please the North, ________________________________________________________.
In addition, the Compromise _________________________________ in the nation’s capital.
o However, Congress declared that it had no power to
To please the South, ______________________________ would be used to decide to question
of slavery in the ______________________________________.
o People in the states created from that territory would
__________________________________________________________ when they
requested ______________________________________.
Also, in return for agreeing to outlaw the slave trade in Washington D.C., southerners got a
o The ________________________________________ allowed special government
officials to ___________________________________________________________.
o Suspects had no right to a _______________________________________________.
o All that was required to deprive them of their freedom was for a
____________________ or any __________________________ to swear that the
suspect was a ____________________________________.
o In addition, the law required northern citizens to ________________________________
if the authorities _______________________________.
The ________________________________ became the most controversial part of the Compromise of
Many northerners swore that they would _____________________________________.
Northerners were outraged to see people accused of being fugitive slaves being
Thousands of northern African Americans fled to the safety of ________________, including
many who __________________________________.
In city after city, residents banded together to ______________________________________.
When two white Georgians arrived in _______________ to seize fugitives, Bostonians
threatened the slave catchers with harm if they ________________________________.
o Another group ___________________________________ and sent him to safety in
 When the mob leaders were arrested, local juries
__________________________ had hoped that the Fugitive Slave Law would convince
northerners to admit that _______________________________________________________.
o Instead, every time the law was enforced, it convinced more northerners that
Uncle Tom’s Cabin
One northerner deeply affected by the Fugitive Slave Act was _________________________________.
The daughter of an _______________________________, Stowe met many people who had
She decided to write “something that will make this whole nation
In 1852 she published _________________________________, a novel about kindly
____________________, an enslaved man who is abused by the cruel ___________________.
Stowe’s book was a ___________________________________.
o It shocked thousands of people who previously had been
o As a result, readers began to view slavery as
o It was a ______________, _________________________ facing every American.
Many white southerners were ____________________________________.
o They criticized it as _________________ which means
o They claimed the novel did not give a ___________________________________ of the
lives of enslaved African Americans.
The Kansas-Nebraska Act
The nation moved ________________________ after Congress passed the
________________________________ in 1854.
The act was pushed through by Senator __________________________.
He wanted to see a ________________ built from ______________ through the
_________________________ to the Pacific coast.
o In 1853 he suggested forming _________________________
 ___________________________ and ___________________________
Southerners ________________________
 Both territories lay in an area ________________________________________.
 This meant that the states eventually created from these territories would
To win southern support, Douglas proposed that slavery in the new territories should be
 In doing so, the Kansas-Nebraska Act __________________________________.
As Douglas hoped, southerners _____________________________________________.
 They were sure that slave owners from _______________ would
 In time, they hoped that Kansas would enter the Union ___________________.
Northerners, however, were _______________________________________________.
 They believed Douglas had ______________________ by reopening the issue of
After months of debate, ________________________ enabled the Kansas-Nebraska Act
to pass in _______________________________.
President ________________________, elected in 1852, then signed the bill into law.
Bleeding Kansas
The Kansas-Nebraska Act left it to the _______________________________ to decide whether Kansas
would be a _____________________________.
Both _____________________ and ______________________ settlers flooded into Kansas
within weeks after Douglas’s bill became law.
o Each side was determined to _____________________________ in the territory when it
came __________________________.
o Thousands of ________________________ entered Kansas in March 1855 to
_____________________ in the election to select a
o Although Kansas had only __________ voters, nearly __________ votes were cast on
election day.
o Of 39 legislators elected, all but 3 ______________________.
o The antislavery settlers ____________________________________ and held a
Kansas now had ______________________, each claiming the right to
o Not surprisingly, ________________________________________.
 In April, a ____________________________ was shot when he tried to arrest
some ____________________________ in the town of Lawrence.
 The next month, he returned with 800 men and _________________________.
Three days later, _______________________, an antislavery settler from
Connecticut, led seven men to a proslavery settlement near
 There they _____________________________________________.
o These incidents set of widespread _______________________________.
 Bands of proslavery and antislavery fighters roamed the countryside, terrorizing
those who ____________________________________.
 The violence was so bad, that it earned Kansas the nickname
Even before Brown’s raid at Pottawatomie Creek, the violence spilled over into the
o ______________________of Massachusetts was the leading
o In a fiery speech, Sumner denounce the _____________________________________.
o He then attacked his _______________________, singling out ____________________,
an elderly senator from South Carolina.
 Butler was __________________ when Sumner made his speech.
 A few days later, Butler’s nephew, Congressman ______________________,
marched into the Senate chamber.
 Using a heavy cane, Brooks _____________________ until he fell to the
floor, bloody and unconscious.
 Many southerners felt that Sumner ____________________________.
 Hundreds of people sent _____________________________ to show
their support.
 To northerners, however, Brook’s violent act was just more evidence that
slavery was ___________________________.