Food Essays Assignment Sheet

AP Language and Composition
Food Unit Final Assessment
You are to write two papers, one a personal reflection and the other a persuasive piece. They
should each be 2-3 pages (size 12, double-spaced).
Due Dates: Assignment #1 - Tuesday, October 6
Assignment #2 - Tuesday, October 13
1. Describe your own eating habits. What is your relationship with food?
Consider such questions as the following:
What is your typical diet?
Do you consciously think about what you are going to eat?
Do you have any foods that you will not eat?
Do you have particular favorite foods?
Do you prepare any of your own meals? If so, what do you cook?
How often do you eat at a restaurant, fast food or otherwise?
Do you eat three meals a day or are you more of a snacker?
How, if at all, have your eating habits changed over the years?
Are there any foods that have strong emotional connections for you?
Did any of the reading or viewing we have done make you rethink what you will eat in
the future?
2. Eric Schlosser discusses several types of drawbacks to the American system of food
production, and in particular, the effect fast food restaurants have made on this
incorporation and consolidation of our food producers. Those drawbacks include: health
issues, labor problems, environmental dilemmas, and issues regarding the affordability of
healthy food. Pick one of those drawbacks and write a persuasive piece about its
importance and why and how you think it should be resolved. Be sure in your piece to
cite at least three of the following:
Fast Food Nation
“What Food Says about Class in America”
“Actual Hunger Games”
Food, Inc.
Michael Pollan article