Motherboard components and infrastructure

Fill in the blanks with the correct answer:
1. ___ is a set of signal pathways between the CPU and the main memory.
2. The ___ is a set of signal pathways between the CPU and Level 2 or 3 cache memory.
3. The ___ is responsible for providing support to the myriad onboard slower peripherals,
managing their communications with the rest of the computer and resources given to them.
4. ___ security, sometimes referred to as computer security, are responsible for keeping all of the
technology within the company secure from malicious cyber-attacks that often attempt to
breach into critical private information, or gain control of the internal systems.
5. ___ is the act of ensuring that data is not lost when critical issues arise. These issues include but
are not limited to; ___ ___, computer/server malfunction, physical theft, or any other instance
where data has the potential of being lost.
6. Network security involves the authorization of access to data in a network, which is controlled
by the ___ ___.
7. System boards are classified by their ____ factor.
8. A ___ ___ is a block of aluminum or other metal, with veins throughout, that sits on top of the
CPU, drawing the heat away.
9. BTX stands for ____ ____ ____.
10. ___ ___ describes how an organization is to deal with potential disasters.
11. The goal of ___ ___ is to examine digital media in a forensically sound manner with the aim of
identifying, preserving, recovering, analyzing and presenting facts and opinions about the
12. The two types of system boards are ____ and ____.
13. Integrated system boards were designed for ____.
14. Although integrated system boards are cheaper to produce, they are more expensive to ____.
15. On some integrated system boards, you can ____ the malfunctioning component and simply
add an expansion card to replace its function.
16. A ____ is a common collection of signal pathways over which related devices communicate
within the computer system.
17. ___ is a collection of chips or circuits that perform interface and peripheral functions for the
18. The functions of chipsets can be divided into two major functional groups, called ___ and ___.
19. The Northbridge is responsible for communications with integrated video using AGP, ___
express, and ____ communications.
20. Communications between the CPU and memory occur over what is known as the ____.
21. Application security is the use of software, hardware, and ___ methods to protect applications
from ___ threats.
22. ___ security is the practice of defending information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure,
disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction.
Chipset (Northbridge)
Rear I/O
PCI Slots
Memory/RAM Slots
USB Cable Slots
P1 Power Input
Front I/O
PCI Express Slot
Drive Connectors
Battery (CMOS)
P2 Power Input
Processor (socket)