Homework Strains family life
Homework strains family life
By Tristan Tran
Homework Strains family life
School should not give out too much homework to students, because it stressful doing a
lot of work on the weekends. The reason why students are not turning homework in on time is
because the weekends are the days where everyone needs a break from school. Teachers should
have more feelings for the students to have some extra time in class to do the work. Working in
class is better for the students because they learn from different information from another
classmate and the teacher is there to help you memorize better in class; homework is taking away
students freedom from spending time with their families. Students go to school to learn and take
notes because you pretty much spending time at school for six hours a day to learn.
(According to the Chicago Tribune, Chicago, IL Feb 13, 2011, p. 4
Many parents understand the role of homework and some question why their kids don't get
enough. ) Some parents also complain about their kids staying up to late to do homework
because they are saying their kids have no life. Over in Chicago kids should only spend only
about 30 min of homework is the max because it’s making the kids feeling emotionally.
When are we learning from teachers; if we are doing homework on our own? I feel very
strongly that doing homework should be done with a teacher present and it should be school
work not homework, we pay tutors to help us, it would be easier to have the teacher help us, it’s
cheaper and saves time for both the student and teacher. Teachers usually have to do more work
than students because they have to think and write out the steps how the students got the wrong
answers for them as well.
Homework Strains family life
(According to New York Times January 1, 1985 Teachers believe students are not doing enough
homework. The reason why teacher believe is more important it gives the students knowledge and
increase test scores. A study last year in the New York schools passed a policy that all students ranging
from first grade to high school seniors should have nightly studies, up to twenty minutes for first grade
and two hours for high school seniors. Schools in Connecticut are passing the same policy. Further
research suggests that homework helps “slower students” compensate for deficiencies. “Slower students”
that study for several hours a night have the same if not better grades on tests as other students who don’t
Opposing viewpoint
Research from high school students shows that they believe that homework is nothing but busy
work and does not help them learn. Teachers are trying to put more pressure on their students
because they want their students to be successful in life.
(According to Wendy J. Ponte 2012 some people never had homework before because during the
cold war year there was no homework back in those days because over their homework was
given only in school.)
I would have to agree for college students would need some homework to study for the
test because it’s important for them to teach what they are leaning because they need the
knowledge for their major and skills.
Homework Strains family life
The reason why I am agreeing to that part is because college is a lot different from high
school and under because college is a place where everyone needs homework to get ready for the
final exams. College is more of passing the test because test is worth more than the homework. It
also teaches students to be responsibility on life. The homework is teaches people how well they
are doing in school. There is time teachers need to fair on the homework part.
Homework Strains family life
Homework Strains family life
According to the New York Times
According to Paul Allen
According to the DRC
According to the Opposing Viewpoint
Homework Strains family life